The eDisclosure Information Project

For many years, Chris Dale and the eDisclosure Information Project have enabled discussion about eDiscovery / eDisclosure, originally by writing about it, and more recently by recording video interviews with those who engage in it.

Covid-19 has encouraged a different way of delivering this kind of discussion. Events and interaction are moving on line, and we are doing the same.

Video interviews, webinars, podcasts and panel moderation can all be done without travelling, reaching wider audiences than physical events ever could.

The aim is to extend the reach of your own people while taking up as little as possible of their time.

These services are available to anyone who wants them, not merely to sponsors, and not only for eDiscovery or law.

Interviews and other video recordings

Webinars, podcasts and other audio productions

Panel moderation

Writing articles etc.

…and any other form of output which helps you tell a story or promote a product, service or idea.

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We do Video

One of my sons, Will Dale, is a lighting engineer. Another, Charlie Dale, is a sound engineer. Their skills have made it possible to record and produce high-quality video interviews designed to show the subjects to their best advantage.

Hitherto, we have done this by travelling to events in the US and elsewhere, taking what is effectively a mobile studio with us. It seems probable that live events are gone for the foreseeable future, and the present restraints on travel will increase the value of services which can be provided remotely.

We have changed with the changing times. While we will travel with our mobile studio when it is again possible to do so, the standard video interview will now be done remotely to a quality as close as possible to the live ones.

The video service includes planning and preparation, conducting the interview over Skype or Zoom, reducing the result into a discussion similar to a live interview, any requested edits, and publication on my blog, on your own sites, or anywhere else which is appropriate.

Videos do not have to stick to a conventional interview format. They can include other footage, whether from your own marketing material or shot especially for the production.

Photograph of our video setup while we work on-site.

On Site

Photograph of our mobile video studio setup.

Mobile Studio

Photograph of our over the web interview setup.

Over the Web

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Photograph of our podcast setup.

We do Audio

Webinars are popular again as the opportunities for in-person discussions and events has disappeared. I have always taken part in webinars, as moderator or as a panel member.

Webinars may be ones organised by you using whatever is your usual platform, or may be a simple on-line discussion using Zoom which we can organise and host. They can be aired live and be recorded for future download.

As with the video interview service, we deal with everything from planning to publication and helping with promotion.

Podcasts are also a good way to convey idea to remote audiences. I will develop the script in conjunction with you and record it for publication.

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I do panel moderation

Much of my work has involved travelling to moderate panel discussions at events.

The only difference between panel moderation and a webinar is that the former are usually part of a bigger event. The events are moving on line, and Zoom and other tools enable discussions in much the same way as before.

The norm is that the overall event is organised by you, and I help with devising the content for a panel, choosing speakers and working up a running order exactly as with an in-person event.

Photograph of Chris Dale moderating a panel at Legal Week for Relativity.
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My original function was writing blog posts which aimed to interest and inform readers about a product, service or development in eDiscovery. My eDiscovery blog has been in existence since 2007 and will continue to be the home of articles about the law and technology of eDiscovery.

I am happy to write about other subjects. The main criterion is that the topic is interesting to me and might therefore be interesting if explained to others.

The blog format does not aim to replace conventional marketing materials, which are subject to various conventions, not least because they represent the official view of a company. Blogs allow a more discursive approach and discussion around a subject, and are designed to complement marketing materials.

The blog also hosts short descriptions of our videos, webinars and panels.

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